Welcome to Green Investments Academy

A few words about us

Green Investments Academy is an online learning platform through which Professors, Lecturers, Teaching Assistants and students share Course Material, Assignments, Discussions and Assessments. In a bid to support student-centered approaches to learning, we use a blended approach to teaching and learning whereby teaching may occur in the classroom, online, or in both settings and students are able to complete a number of Activities and Assessments using this platform.

The primary objective of this establishment was to provide non-formal vocational training to individuals in various working industries to upgrade their skills so as to enable them address the job challenges arising from the changing technology in enterprises.

With a reputation as the best forward thinking and modern online training platform in the world, Green Investments Academy offers a vibrant and stimulating environment to further your studies. Our programmes are designed to meet all of your needs, study or research a subject in greater depth, or aiming to extend your knowledge and skills in pursuit of your career ambitions.

Our Mission

To provide excellent vocational training, research and consultancy for career growth and national development

Our Vision

A leader in Vocational skilling for empowerment and transformative development.

Core Values

Diversity, Integrity, Empathy, Critical thinking, Innovativeness, Discipline, Passion, Respect, Resillience, Teamwork


To nurture learners into holistic and transformative individuals through experiential learning, research and co-curricular activities.