This course focuses on real world cases and present the best techniques that require minimal effort yet produce maximum results. A student will learn how to use designing programs like Photoshop, illustrator and inDesign

Touch typing is the ability to use muscle memory to find keys fast, without using the sense of sight, and with all the available fingers, just like piano players do. It significantly improves typing speed and eliminates errors. Touch typing simply makes you more productive and it is a skill worth learning. However, many people engage in the bad habit of ‘hunt-and-peck’ typing, even those seasoned professionals with years and decades of computer experience. It is easy to understand, though, as touch typing requires dedicated practice to learn it well.

Computer applications course is offered at all levels and can be part of many types of academic programs. This course prepares students for a variety of jobs, including basic jobs such as data entry all the way up to more advanced positions such as graphics designer and Web designer.